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There is nothing archaic and outmoded in the notion that people must have the means to defend themselves against violent criminal predators. Self-defense is a basic human right. It is the fundamental reason that countless tens of millions of Americans own firearms.
~Wayne LaPierre


New Pistol from the UAE Now on the US Market and in Our Database

The name Caracal comes from the African wild cat, also known as the desert lynx. It is appropriate then that it should also be the name of a line of firearms from the desert Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates. Caracal International is a small arms manufacturer out of Abu Dhabi which develops and produces [...]

Two Unique Additions to the Handgun Database

Per visitor requests we have added two new and rather interesting handgun models to our database. One is a US newcomer with international ties, and the other is the re-emergence of a very interesting 1980′s US design. First up is Lionheart Industries. This Redmond, Washington company formed in 2011 and partnered with Korean S&T Motiv (formerly Daewoo [...]

Our Definitions of a Handgun, Revolver and Pistol

We have seen several forum discussions asking why we categorize a handgun in our database as either a pistol or revolver. Many argue that the term “pistol” is really the same as “handgun” and shouldn’t be used to distinguish the characteristics of a given weapon from those of a revolver. We at adhere to [...]

A message to Walmart, and a warning to all of the other big sports and outdoor stores… STAY OUT OF IT!

If Obama thinks he can get your big corporate money behind his Gun Ban agenda, you need to understand where the big money really is. It’s in the millions of responsible, hard working and proud gun owners all over the US that will be glad to boycott you if you have anything to do with [...]

Dianne Feinstein’s Assault on Your Rights

“In January, California Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill to stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices.” These words came right from her website. But as ominous as that statement alone is to the Second Amendment, it’s just a part of Dianne Feinstein’s fascist 2013 [...]

Publicly Outed Gun Owners – Who’s next?

In the aftermath of the Journal News online article and interactive map which publicly outed gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties of New York, like they were sex offenders, we have to ask what other law abiding citizens could fall victim to this kind of dangerous exposure. A simple search on the Internet [...]

Star Handguns added to the Genitron Database

Many of our visitors have asked us why we didn’t have the line of Spanish made Star pistols in our database. While the company closed its doors back in 1997 there is still a strong following, as well as a strong market for many of these guns. The issue was acquiring enough technical specifications on as [...]

Foam Tipped Swabs for Cleaning Your Gun Barrels from Swab-its

Here’s a unique little gun cleaning product that was just featured in the November, 2012 Edition of the American Rifleman magazine. Made by a company called Swab-its, the Bore-Tip is a soft, absorbent and solvent-resistant foam swab that is designed to fit on a standard 8-32 cleaning rod. The reusable foam tip can be cleaned [...]

Sneak Preview of Genitron’s New Comparitive Shopping Service

We’ve come a long way with the development of our new comparitive shopping service which focuses on firearms related products and accessories. We hope to have the new website rolled out sometime in November, so keep an eye out for it. The website features a full and flexible search engine. Simply enter a company, brand, [...]

Bersa’s New Polymer Frame Pistol

For all of you that are endeared with the underdog from Argentina like I am, Bersa is now producing its own polymer framed pistol designed for concealed carry – the BP9cc. This eight-round single-stack 9mm pistol has dimensions and characteristics similar to the Kahr P9 and contains a passive trigger safety similar to a Glock [...]

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